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Parental control is the service that ensures the safe use of the Internet on mobile subscriber device or personal computer by the child. The service is implemented on the basis of Kaspersky Safe Kids and Internet Security for Android (KISA) programs from Kaspersky Lab.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Discover the world in a safe and secure way

When the child is protected online, the parent is calm. Provide Your child with a safe Internet environment by activating the service on the basis of Kaspersky Safe Kids - it's convenient, reliable, simple, accessible and on time.

Internet Security for Android

  • Protect Your smartphone against mobile and other online threats (Antivirus protection);
  • Block dangerous and fraudulent websites (Protection on the Internet);
  • Protect device from loss/theft (anti-theft);
  • Calls and SMS filter (for smartphones only);
  • Privacy protection (for smartphones only).


Accessible from phone, tablet or PC

  • 2-day' free trial


After activation of the service, You’ll be able to:

Determine which apps your child is allowed to use;

Set the time intervals when the child can use mobile devices;*

Monitor Your child’s activity on social media (Facebook and VK);

Block specific websites or temporarily restrict access to those websites;

Opt in to receive notifications on possibly dangerous online activities of your child;

View the location of Your child / his mobile device on the map;**

View statistics about Your child’s calls and SMS on Android device (not available on iOS);

Block calls and SMS from unwanted contacts and receive notifications;***

Receive reports on Your child's online activity.

*Due to your operating system limitations, it’s not possible to block iPhones & iPads. Instead, the child will see a ‘Time out’ notification, if he/she exceeds the usage time limit set by the parent. The full functionality is available for Windows and Mac computers and Android phones & tablets.

**Accuracy: +/- 500 m.

***on Android devices only.


Installation in less than 5 minutes:

  • To activate service, dial *737# or send text to 737;
  • Get app activation codes;
  • Download Kaspersky Safe Kids (KSK) and Kaspersky Internet Security for Android (KISA) application using the link contained in the text message from 737;*
  • Sign in the apps;
  • Enter the activation code on portal to fully enjoy of Safe Kids app;
  • Enter the activation code directly in the application to fully enjoy Internet Security for Android.

*Inlab LLP is responsible for the service content, quality and performance. Inlab LLP is fully responsible to the Operator, third parties and subscribers to ensure compliance with the requirements of the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, including the legislation on licensing, license agreements, patent law on the protection of intellectual property rights, copyright and related rights.

Use the link to find out more about Kaspersky for your device:
Android, IOS, Windows, Mac.



The application is installed both on the parent's and child’s device (parent / child profile). You can use the same user account to install the application on two parent's devices and up to 5 children's devices. As for PC, the parent and the child will have different accounts.

* If you use the Service over the Company's network, you will be charged the standard data rates for your tariff. If you are roaming and access the Service through third-party Internet providers, you will be charged the standard (incoming and outgoing) data roaming rates. To avoid unwanted roaming charges, we recommend disabling the Service while you are roaming overseas.


On the child’s device

  • Go through the welcome stage.
  • Accept the terms and conditions of the app use.
  • Create a new user account or select existing one (if any).
  • Set 'Child' user profile.
  • Create an account for the child or select existing one.
  • Set up the preferences and permissions to monitor the child's online activities.

On the parent’s device

  • Set 'Parent' user profile when installing the app.
  • Set a 4-digit PIN that will be entered each time you log in the app (if the device is used by multiple users).
  • Set up the desired notifications about the child's online activity. They are divided as follows: "Notifications" (in-app or e-mail alerts when child attempts to visit forbidden websites), "Where is my child" (determining the location on the map where the child uses his mobile device), "Settings" (restrictions for certain websites, applications, the device use perimeter) and "Advanced".

Video tutorials

System requirements

System requirements for Kaspersky Internet Security for Android:

  • The device must meet the following requirements in order to run Kaspersky Internet Security for Android:

    • Device type: smartphone or tablet
    • Screen resolution: 320x480 pixels or higher
    • Operating system: Android 4.2–8.1
    • CPU architecture: Intel Atom x86 or ARM7 and later

    • 150 MB of free space in the device’s main memory
    The application is installed in the device’s main memory only.
    A SIM card must be inserted in the device in order to use Call & Text Filter, Privacy Protection, and Text Anti-Phishing.

Common system requirements for Kaspersky Safe Kids:

  • PC:
    • 120 MB available disk space
    • Internet connection
    • Computer mouse
    • Internet Explorer 9.0 or later
    • Windows Installer 3.0 or later
    • Microsoft .Net Framework 4 or later

    • 280 MB available disk space
    • Internet connection
    • Computer mouse

    • 500 MB available disk space
    • Screen resolution of 320x480 or higher
    • Internet connection

    iPhone / iPad:
    • 150 MB available disk space
    • Internet connection

© Kcell JSC 2000–2019

© Kcell JSC 2000–2019

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